High Ticket Cash Machines Review by Gary Alach & Rash Vin

High Ticket Cash Machines Review by Gary Alach & Rash Vin

Hello I’m Farabi and this is my High Ticket Cash Machines review.

I’ve been making money online for more than 2 years now. Affliate Marketing has been my passion though I was struggling at my first step (who doesn’t? – lol).

I was in a (very) tight budget and  I know the feeling of spending money on advertising such as PPC, Solo Ads and other traffic getting methods – and getting $0 in return.

Yeap, I feel you.


One of the mistake I made (when I was newwwwbie) was that I went all out of my paid advertising just-learned-ninja-skills to promote low ticket offers, in a range of $7~$30+, THINKING it is easier to convert!


I was really into that idea – the cheaper the product, the easier it is to sell.

What strengthened my belief was I did sold some of the low ticket affiliate offers and getting couple of bucks – not considering the low return (or even negative) of investment (ROI) I was getting in using paid advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Solo Ads & Bing Ads. Autoresponder monthly cost included too.


I was holding that idea firmly (cheaper product is easier to sell), until, one of my business mentor said :

“Whether you are selling a product of a profit of $10, or $100, or even $1000 per product – the amount of tiredness is relatively the same”


I didn’t realized and after some thoughts, I couldn’t agree more. After that AHHA-moment I go for mid-low-ticket product and it really went well. Still, I don’t dare enough to sell high ticket offers yet.


Until my Internet Marketing friend, Rash Vin told me that Gary Alach and him will be launching a high quality product – High Ticket Cash Machines.

To be honest, I only met him once after we both leading a local affiliate race, and I found out he’s a really nice guy and is different from others – having his own principles.

From the first meeting, I know that he only focuses creating and delivering quality products and leaving out crap MMO products though it’s tempting to promote.

Seeing is believing. Thus, I get myself a sneak peak of the whole course, and this is my full review and thoughts. I hope you find it helpful. :)


What is High Ticket Cash Machines?

High Ticket Cash Machines is an online courses with over 4 modules (around 25 videos) created by Gary Alach and Rash Vin showing how to promote High Ticket products with mainly paid advertising platforms such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Solo Ads, Media Ads and Video Traffic.

However, there’s one video of length 25minutes in the High Ticket Cash Machines module teaching on how to do SEO & keyword research too for free traffic acquisition too.


What are the main modules of High Ticket Cash Machines?

Before I get to the main review, lets see the overview of the whole course first. The main (front end) product of High Ticket Cash Machines consists of 4 main modules. Those are :

  1. Product Selection
  2. Lead Capture
  3. Research & Traffic
  4. High Ticket Hacks (Case Study)



1. Product Selection

There are 3 videos here in the first module of Product Selection. Basically these are the introduction that is useful if you’re new in affiliate :

i. Affiliate Offer Basics :

This video shows you on how to choose affiliate products and the best networks to keep you going the right direction.

ii. CPA Basics

Same with above, but instead they show on how to choose CPA offers and best CPA networks

iii. Choosing High Paying Offers

Heres the best part. The video shows on how to choose high paying affiliates and CPA offers. Not only that they show you “how”, but they even give you list of high converting high ticket offers.


You’re going to get a big list vendors offering high ticket products



2. Lead Capture

Now that you know the importance of focusing high ticket products and the list of hot high ticket vendors from the rolodex in the first module, you have to start selling them!

And to get buyers, you can’t run from capturing cold leads.

There are 3 videos in this second module in order to prepare on “welcoming the leads” :

i. Landing Page Set Up

If you’re newbie, this is the basic on how to set up your landing page to start capturing leads.

ii. Ad Copy Formula

Here’s the 8 templates to help you set up your ad copy that work in any niche.

iii. Landing Page Analytics & Optimisation

This video shows on how do you analyze and optimize the landing Includes tracking and split testing to ensure optimal opt in rate.


3. Research & Traffic

Here’s the critical part. The landing page is useless without traffics. And quality traffic from any advertising platforms come from a quality research. So this module shows the gold combination of Research & Traffic.


Competitor Traffic Analytics

How to analyse your competitors traffic and advertising.


Audience Research

How to research your audience demographics & behaviours.


PPC Basics

Pay Per Click Basics including keyword research.


Bing PPC Ads Set Up

Bing Pay Per Click Ads Set Up including tips and research.


Facebook Traffic

How to get Facebook traffic both free and paid.


Facebook Audience Insights

Advanced Training on how to use Facebook Audience Insights


Video Traffic

How to get traffic via video.


Solo Ads

Solo Ads Traffic – the breakthrough.


CPV Traffic

How to get Cost Per View Traffic


Media Ads

How to get trafic via banner ads across the web.


Mobile Traffic

How to get trafic from mobile device users.


SEO And Keyword Research

How to get free organic website traffic using Search Engine Optimisation and associated kewyord research.


Article Marketing

How to get traffic from publishing articles.


Other Traffic Sources

How to tap into 6 underground traffic sources.



How to follow your visitors all around the web using this ultra cheap, high converting traffic source.

4. High Ticket Hacks (Case Study)

Case Study 1 – Set And Forget

How Gary Alach got thousands of dollars in autopilot high ticket commissions with a  20 minutes work.  The ultimate set and forget system.


Case Study 2 – Free Traffic Hack

How Gary Alach got multiple high ticket recurring commissions with 30 minutes work and 100% free traffic.


Case Study 3 – Multiple $5K Sales per month

How Stephen Gilbert created his own 5K product and how he sells with 100% free traffic!


Case Study 4 –  1000 ROI Plus Unannounced Bonus

How Rash Vin got 1000% ROI in 10 minutes – Unannounced Bonus – Details inside the video

Are There Upsells In Hight Ticket Cash Machines?

Well if there’s no upsell, then it’s not MMO products. The existence of Upsell is to bring the information product to a greater extend and more advanced. There are two ONE-TIME-OFFERs (OTO). The OTO1 is $37 while the OTO2 is $197.


The OTO1 of High Ticket Cash Machines

There are two modules in this OTO1.

  • Follow Up & Email Marketing
  • Closing 6k Sales Over The Phone


Follow Up & Email Marketing

Follow Up Principles

Follow up principles, includes example email follow up sequence for leads, that will convert them into buyers.


List Segmentation

Why an how to segment your list.  Includes example email foillow up sequence for customers.


Broadcast Emails

Tips and tricks on how to send broadcast emails and turn this asset into an online ATM.  Includes how to increase open and click rates.


Closing 6k Sales Over The Phone (OTO1)

Basically this is a recorded interview with Richie Nolan on how to close multiple 6K coaching over the phone.  Richie has closed millions of dollars worth of sales within a couple of years.



High Ticket Cash Machines OTO2

The OTO2 is DFY-Done For You Campaigns in high ticket offers products


Do You Need The High Ticket Cash Machines OTO1 & OTO2?

For the OTO1, one can’t deny the strongest weapon in affiliate marketing arena is still Email Marketing and OTO1 will help you on that.

Besides, the interview with Richie Nolan in his experiences in closing $6k over the phones will get you on the right mindset and how does it feels to achieve up to 4 digits dollars over the phone.


I don’t get access to OTO2 and I can’t tell what’s there, but one thing for sure, the front end (main) product will get you covered for the whole objective – that is on how to sell high ticket offers.

The OTO1 & OTO2 are additions to give you shortcuts and save a lot of time.


Personally, a $37 addition on Email Marketing breakthrough course is a good investment though. Not to mention the bonus interviews you’re getting.

What I learn from my mentor in becoming successful Internet Marketer


“Money loves speed”


If you’re new to Email Marketing, I’d suggest you take the OTO1 – you’d save a lot of time.

If not, the main product is good enough for you. (unless you want to learn a lot from the $6k Sales Over The Phone interviews)



My Honest Review, The Pro & Cons Of High Ticket Cash Machines Course


Pros of High Ticket Cash Machines

  • They show you on how to start from scratch – very newbie friendly
  • Covers many important modules in Lead Capturing, List Building, Research & Traffic Methods where you’d have to spent hundred dollars to learn on each course. Though it’s not deep enough, it’s sufficient for someone to get started quickly. Remember, money loves speed.
  • Motivates you to save your energy and spend quality time focusing selling High Tickets Products instead of low~mid tickets.
  • The list of vendors offers high ticket products that you can join them quickly


Cons of High Tichet Cash Machines

1. Some modules are basic and some aren’t. Well, this is kinda subjective. From my own knowledge experience, I already know about getting traffic methods such as Facebook Ads, SEO, Solo Ads, Bing Ads & follow up using Email Marketing.But I have no experience and low knowledge on Video Traffic, CPV Traffic, Media Ads and others.

In fact, the Bing Ads I claimed to know about it, I just knew that there’s Bing Ads Intelligence that does wonders.

Again, this is different from everybody’s perspectives. Though you know about the stuff, maybe there is one chunk of knowledge you didn’t know that help you to triple your sales. Who knows?


2.The videos are only slides & screen sharing. Some are long videos – I get bored quickly. Well maybe I am used to learn from videos showing screen sharing and a face cam. Again this is subjective.

Well if you ask me, considering the price of $17 – $27 and these amounts of knowledge and variation of modules you’re getting, it’s totally worth my money.

In Conclusion

If You’re Newbie

I wish I’ve known this training when I was first started my affiliate marketing. I really recommed you getting this training, as they are very rich in informations where I learnt it in the hard (and expensive!) ways.

Just get the High Ticket Cash Machines and the OTO1 for full exposure. It does save a lot of time, and give you courage to start promoting high ticket offers from the very beginning!


If You’re Experienced Affiliate/CPA Marketer

Lets be real. Gary Alach & Rash Vin is very experienced Internet Marketer and considered as guru’s. Since I know Rash Vin personally, he has more than 700 students who did coaching with him and having great results.

I considered myself as experienced Internet Marketer but going through this High Ticket Cash Machiens training, I feel i am no where in this industry. There’s a lot more to learn.

For example, though I feel I’m good with email marketing, but the Email Marketing module in OTO1 gave me a golden nuggets in organizing my email follow up sequences.


And if you’re experienced but never have a courage to promote $3000 offers, you’d better get this course as it inspire you and removing your fears. Well, there’s a “HOT LIST” of vendors who offers High Ticket Products that you can start promoting immediately too.


If You’re Very Experienced IM or Guru

Get the OTO2 (Done For You Campaigns) and see if that will get you amazed. :)

One last thing:

This is a very safe investment. If you find you’re unhappy with the course, for whatever reason, you can be sure Gary Alach and Rash Vin will refund your money with no hassle, and no questions asked.

I know this because I heard from a number of people (through this very site) how they had decided to ask for refunds for all kind of reasons.

So even though it’s much less likely that you’ll be unhappy with this course, I felt it was worth mentioning that Gary Alach and Rash Vin have proven to be true to their word as far as their money back guarantee is concerned.

So you can buy without fear of losing your money in case you change your mind about this making money online thing, or you just plain don’t like the course for whatever reason.


Frequently Asked Questions About High Ticket Cash Machines

1) Are there any additional cost to use High Ticket Cash Machines?

No, there are no hidden cost and you can access the course straightaway after joining.

2) Will this work in any country?

Yes, it works from anywhere in the world.

3) I’ve tried to make money online before but haven’t been able to, will I achieve success with this?

Only if you’re serious about implementing what you learn inside the course. Learning is one thing, but implementation is what determines your success.

If you have any unanswered questions please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

The Ultimate Bonus For High Ticket Cash Machines

If you decided to buy High Ticket Cash Machines through my site (see the yellow button below) I want to make sure you get the greatest possible value for your money.

First, I’ll be able to offer you the following bonuses immediately after you make your purchase:


High Ticket Cash Machines – SPECIAL BONUS PAGE



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It’s Time To You Get Over Your Fears of promoting higher priced affiliate products for good.


It’s easier to sell a few copies of a higher priced product than hundreds of copies of low-ticket items. You see, we’d rather promote a handful of carefully selected high ticket offers a few times a month than kill ourselves promoting low ticket offers, day-in, and day-out like so many others do.


This Is Over $600 Bonus For You!

Easily Boost Your Mobile Opt-In Conversions

Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator

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Easy to use, simply fill-in-the blanks.
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(VALUE $125)


Massive Collection of Stock Images

WP Image Plus

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Boost Traffic, Build Lists and Make More Sales

WP Notify PRO

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Advanced notification bars, versitile pop-up boxes, viral social sharing and visitor geo targeting!
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This Is Over $600 Bonus For You!

This Is Over $600 Bonus That You Are Getting For FREE!


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